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Why Choose BYBspace for Your Procurement Needs?

  • Comprehensive Sourcing

    Access to a vast network of trusted suppliers in China and procure a wide range of products with ease.

  • Expert Guidance

    Dedicated sourcing experts offering personalized assistance to navigate language and cultural barriers for a smooth experience.

  • Quality Assurance

    Rigorous quality control measures to ensure products meet international standards.

  • Logistics and Shipping

    Efficient and reliable shipping solutions for timely deliveries provided by our trusted logistics partners.

How does it work?

The Blueprint of Our Procurement Journey.


Identify Product

Navigate to 1688 ecommerce website and search the product you would like to procure.


Provide Product Url

Enter the url of the product and we will diplay it's details.


Place Order

Add the product to your shopping cart and place an order.

Explore Common Questions

  • Sourcing.

  • We seamlessly integrate with, the largest B2B online marketplace operated by Alibaba Group, exclusively serving the Chinese market. Our integration offers access to wholesale prices, often substantially lower than retail prices, catering not only to domestic buyers but also attracting international businesses seeking cost-effective bulk purchases.

  • Warehousing and shipping.

  • We specialize in door-to-door logistics solutions across key African urban centers. Recognizing the challenges posed by international shipping expenses, we're pleased to offer complimentary warehousing services. Our initiative allows you to centralize purchases from various outlets at our warehouse, eliminating concerns about extra storage fees. Moreover, we excel in streamlining your shipping experience by minimizing unnecessary packaging and consolidating items into a single, space-efficient package. This approach not only reduces waste but also optimizes shipping volume, ultimately driving down your international shipping costs.

  • Return services.

  • In case of dissatisfaction with your order before it's dispatched to Africa, you'll incur only a surcharge corresponding to the return courier cost in China, typically ranging from 2 to 3 USD for packages up to 2kg in weight.

  • Payment.

  • You cover the product cost upon ordering, and the shipping fee is settled upon collection of your product from our office in Africa.

The shipping cost from Chinese suppliers to our warehouse is already included in the service fee we charge.

Given the processing time required by banks and payment systems, we conduct order reviews typically at midnight daily. Assuming no payment irregularities, you can expect the order status to typically update around that time.

Typically, once the payment has been made, customers can expect their products to arrive at our warehouse within approximately 5 business days.

After the buyer submits payment, it typically takes around 5 working days for our warehouse to receive the goods. Once the items arrive at the warehouse, our customer service team will reach out to confirm the preferred shipping method. Following the buyer's confirmation, air freight is usually available for pickup at our office in Ghana within 10-12 days, while sea freight typically arrives for pickup after approximately 50 days.

We want to ensure transparency and your peace of mind regarding your ordered products. Upon their arrival at our Chinese warehouse, we'll promptly send you an email with attached photographs for your inspection. This step allows you to verify the items against your expectations before we proceed with shipping. Should you identify any discrepancies or if the product doesn't meet your standards, please inform us within the specified timeframe. Our dedicated team at the Chinese warehouse will swiftly facilitate the return process. However, please note that a return shipping fee, typically around 2-3 USD, will apply. For larger items, the return shipping fee may vary accordingly.Your satisfaction is paramount to us, and we're committed to making your purchasing journey seamless and enjoyable. If you need to initiate a return, kindly notify us upon receiving our email. However, please understand that we cannot accommodate return requests once the item has been dispatched from our Chinese warehouse.

What Our Customers Are Saying

    • I can't speak highly enough about the exceptional service provided by BYBspace. As a business owner navigating the complexities of global sourcing, their team's expertise and dedication were truly invaluable. They not only streamlined our procurement process but also helped us secure high-quality products at competitive prices.

      Sheryl Berge
    • Partnering with BYBspace has been a game-changer for our company. Their proactive approach to understanding our specific requirements and sourcing challenges has made the procurement process a breeze. The team's responsiveness and commitment to delivering on time have significantly contributed to our operational efficiency.

      Leland Kiehn
    • Our experience with BYBspace has been nothing short of exceptional. The team demonstrated a deep understanding of our industry and took the time to grasp the intricacies of our procurement needs. What sets them apart is their unwavering commitment to delivering results, from negotiating favorable terms to ensuring product quality.

      Peter Renolds